It would be an understatement to say that Grey’s Anatomy viewers aren’t “a little” upset that Izzie has been romancing a very dead Denny Marks.

“It’s creepy,” says one die-hard fan.

So this news should  come as words of relief.

Denny is "not a ghost" ABC entertainment president Steve McPherson told reporters at today’s TCA conference. "You’ll be surprised about how smart and insightful the storyline is," he promised.?

McPherson wouldn’t expand on the controversial plot or its unexpected upcoming twist, but reassured, "You’ll see. The viewers will be the judge. [Creator/producer] Shonda Rimes has responded to the criticism incredibly well."?

Bringing a dead man back to life would soar Seattle Grace back to the top of the best teaching hospitals list!

As for reports of tension on the set, and certain Grey’s stars looking for ways out of their contracts, Stephen replied, "I just wish everyone would do their jobs."

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