Andrew Koenig, former Growing Pains star, has recently been reported as missing since Feb. 14 when he was supposed to take a flight back to the U.S. from Vancouver.

“Any information we can get on his whereabouts would be helpful,” Danielle Koenig, Andrew’s sister plead according to Gossip Cop, along with similar requests made by Sarah Silverman.

The actor had been staying with a dancer Jenny Magenta, who took to her Facebook page to speak of Andrew.

Describing the 1985 sitcom star as, “severely depressed,” according to his parents, Jenny claims that Andrew was with her before he went missing as he was in Vancouver to visit friends.

His mother and father, Walter and Judy Koenig, claim that he was last seen at a bakery in Stanley Park and they have not heard from their son since Feb. 9, according to TMZ.

If Andrew is spotted, Detective Raymond Payette of the Vancouver Police Department at (604) 717-2534 can be contacted for assistance.

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