Which infamous record producer who’s worked with — and bedded — the many of today’s hottest young singing talents threw a temper tantrum in front of a Sin City club last weekend after discovering he wasn’t a household name to the bouncer?

An eyewitness tells OK!, “He was turned away at the door because he wasn’t on the list, and they didn’t know who he was.” A hard pill to swallow for sure, but that didn’t stop the enraged egocentric individual from unleashing his own bitter verses.

And when his head deflated, it was a case of Bourne Identity — as in amnesia. “He threw a big fit and started yelling, causing security to ask him to leave the premises,” the source says. “When fans came up to him, he said he wasn’t [who he is] as he didn’t want to further embarrass himself.” Think you know who it is?

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