She's a multi-tasking mom, that's for sure! When Gwen Stefani isn't rocking out to being a mom to her two sons or wife to Gavin Rossdale, she's working on three clothing lines and oh yeah, a new album with No Doubt.

How does she juggle everything? Gwen told Access Hollywood, "I think lately, my new secret is just trying to delegate." She added, "I just make priorities of what's important at the moment. Right now the No Doubt record is everything for me."

Aiming to release it next year, Gwen indicated she and the band have got it down to a science. "We do this thing where we work on it really hard, and then we take breaks, because everybody has so much going on. That's why it's taking so long."
In fact, having a jam-packed life sounds like that's the main reason for delays. She dished, "Everybody asks, 'Why is it taking so long?' Because I have kids." She chuckled, "I'm a mom! I have school, I have homework. It's a lot."

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