Oprah’s making yet another step towards total TV domination, by making her show available in Spanish.

From today, you can switch on Secondary Audio Programming or closed caption and get a translation of the Oprah Winfrey Show in the country’s six largest Hispanic TV markets, including Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Houston and Dallas.

More cities are expected to be added later this season, according to NYTimes.com.

The show is now in its 22nd season and syndicated to 214 stations in the US and 139 other countries.

In other Oprah ‘news’, our favorite Internet rumor of the day is that, according to a blog on the Web site of the heavy-weight British newspaper, the Financial Times, the chat show queen could become a diplomat!

International affairs writer Gideon Rachman says that there is a "bona fide rumor" circulating that Barack Obama is thinking about picking her as his ambassador to London.

But while Rachman says the chatter is coming from "well-placed sources," even he admits, "it sounds ridiculous and it probably is ridiculous."

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