While Hailey Glassman and Jon Gosselin have separate plans to settle their dispute over the burglary at the Upper West Side apartment the ex-couple once shared, Hailey’s friend Damon Feldman wants to see what the dad of eight can do inside the boxing ring according to new reports.

Damon, being so upset over the way Jon has treated Hailey, challenged Jon to a $120,000 boxing match, Radar Online exclusively reports, in an effort to show him who’s boss.

“I have had enough of this guy – let’s see if he is man enough to step inside the ring with me,” Feldman revealed to Radar Online, “Hailey is a sweet kid and this idiot won’t leave her alone but he better back off right now – I’m sure people would pay to see me beat him up inside the ring.”

Damon, a former boxer who retired undefeated after a car accident, has enough experience in the ring to match up with Jon.

“I fought as a super middle weight, fighting at 170 lbs, and had a professional record of 9-0…” Damon gushed to Radar Online.

The fighting began with Hailey and Jon when he claimed that she burglarized his apartment, while the 22-year-old pleads that Jon pushed her against a wall.

Now Damon, standing up for Hailey, who he was spotted kissing a few weeks ago, thinks a boxing match will settle the score and maybe even help Jon pay some child support to ex-wife, Kate Gosselin.

“He couldn’t make it work with his wife, can’t get any kind of career going…what type of person is he? If he is so frustrated and hard-up for cash then he should fight me that would take care of his child support around a year!” Damon told Radar Online.

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