Halle Berry, who just turned 50, has had her fans buzzing over her latest round of racy photos on Instagram. But a source speaking to OK! said that the actress’ sexy posts have a bigger purpose than just gaining thousands of likes!

According to the insider, Berry is now considering Instagram as a possible outlet to meet guys as she makes her return to the dating game!

“Halle’s relatively new to Instagram and is fascinated by the attention her moody, sexy shots have earned her,” the source said. “She’s hoping that someone is intrigued enough to reach out to her.” The insider added that Berry “is in a bit of a midlife crisis” and is “going out of the way to show men she’s still hot.”

But more than anything, the source said the actress is just looking for a new love interest! “She’s ready to expand her horizons with men,” the source said. “The bottom line is, she’s lonely.”

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