I have a few thoughts on last night. Well, I have a few thought on most things almost all the time, but Halloween-specific:

-One great collaborative event is often better than lots of options: When an event is great one year the next year everyone wants to get in on the action and to do their own events. The problem this causes is whereas the one event was fantastic the previous year because it was likely the only option (like Heidi Klum’s annual Halloween party a few years ago), when the pie is split so many ways it’s harder for one thing to be really amazing. That was kind of the case last night when things were just spread too thin. Roberto Cavalli is amazing but I ducked out his dinner at Cipriani last minute because it was too far midtown and I had too many places to go and people to see to sit through a two-hour ‘nice’ dinner where I’d have to schmoose and socialize – while dressed like a love bug. Instead I opted to pre-party at dinner with a group of girlfriends at One where we drank lychee martinis caffeinated with p.i.n.k. vodka and did an impromptu photo shoot before heading to the “Imperia Erotica Halloween Ball” at Scores West— thrown by the owners of Butter & The Inn. The space was ok but it was packed and I left before Jay Z or Diddy even arrived.

Follow your instincts: As most of our party headed from Scores to Marquee I called it a night on the clubs and went to The Box. When the night began The Box was the only place I wanted to go. The Box is only blocks from my house, not a club, usually has a more exclusive downtown crowd – and I’d heard Joaquin Phoenix would be there. By the time I did make get there it was nearly 2am, there was a crowd and cops outside, they were at capacity inside and nobody was getting in. I learned later that Joaquin was indeed inside as well as Josh Hartnett, Lance Armstrong, Mary Kate Olsen (the sister not dating Lance Armstrong), Sting and Trudie Styler.

Less is Sometimes More: Putting on more make-up just because it’s Halloween doesn’t necessarily make one look prettier, just sometimes more like a bit of a drag queen. I think I overdid the shadow and should have concentrated more on decreasing the shine. Or maybe the shine was the reflection of the loads of glitter I brushed on – and still keep seeing flecks of today.

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