Miley Cyrus celebrates her sweet 16 on Sunday, the same day she performs at the American Music Awards, which air from 8-11 ET on ABC.

Oh what a year it’s been for this Franklin, Tennessee, native.

What’s on her birthday wish list?
“I wore thing ring on Good Morning America that, like, dangled,” she says. “I was like ‘mom, dad, anyone here? I really like this.’ I think it was Neil Lane. But I like jewelry and I like things that mean stuff. Certain people remind you of that, so I love jewelry.”   

Miley gets to celebrate her birthday with her family, friends and five siblings — Christopher, Trace, Brandi, Braison and Noah — because it often falls near Thanksgiving.

“I love it because then you’re able to have dinner with your family on your birthday,” she says of a holiday birthday. “When some people don’t get to come together for their birthday, I get the opportunity to never miss all the family being there, so it’s really great. And I get better food, better cake because we all have to share, so it’s good.”

Her underwear model boyfriend Justin Gaston, 20, will be there. “It’s hard to find a good family like this,” Justin tells me. “They’re some of the greatest people I’ve ever met. I appreciate everything.”

Justin’s close relationship with Billy Ray can make for some awkward moments, though.

“He’s given me some underwear so it’s working out real good,” Billy Ray says. “I’m gonna do those pictures. How does the pose go again? Like this?” Billy Ray does his best to strike a sexy stance.

Justin laughs. “You’ve gotta make it up as you go.”

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