It’s off to Harlem for The Adventures of 106 and Indiana Jones presented by BET. A daylong downpour doesn’t dampen the spirit of stars attending this special screening of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull even though water drips into the tent. Also in the spirit: Female TV reporters dolled up in safari dresses and male reporters donning the signature Indiana caps.

Harrison Ford is giving TV interviews while holding Calista Flockhart’s hand. She steps away to sign autographs for fans lined up for the broadcast. Dressed in a pretty pink princess frock, she is full of energy. “The movie is fantastic,” she says.

Here’s Harrison, getting nostalgic. “When I think about everything that has come my way on account of these films, I feel a little bit sad,” he says. Does it feel like it’s been twenty years? “It went by quick.” He hints there may be a fifth film in the works. And now, he’s signing autographs too!

How are Shia LaBeouf’s skills with a whip? “Don’t mess with me,” he says. The 21-year-old actor calls Harrison “an incredible man.” He is whisked away the second a reporter asks about his relationship with model Lauren Hastings. Get this – she’s the girl whose coat was stolen by Lindsay Lohan!

Karen Allen
struts through, and here’s Destiny’s Child singer Michelle Williams. Who’s sexier: Harrison or Shia? “Shame on you! They are both sexy, but I like older men!”

Ashanti walks the red carpet the opposite way because she just performed her new song The Way That I Love You during the TV taping held inside. “I’m excited to see the movie!”

Let the show begin …


Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is in theaters now.

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