Should Harrison Ford ever tire of making movies, he could have a political future: In a poll on, fans voted him the #1 movie president they’d actually like to see in office, with 24 percent of the 1.1 million votes.


Harrison kicked hijackers’ asses in 1997’s Air Force One, showing his fictional commander-in-chief could handle just about anything that came his way, something that fans might be seeking in these troubling economic times.


After Harrison, Morgan Freeman grabbed 15 percent of fan votes for his turn as the president who has to save the entire planet from a comet in Deep Impact.


"It seems everybody is looking for a commander-in-chief who can come in and take command," said Moviefone editor-in-chief Scott Robson, according to Reuters. "Our readers voted with their hearts at a time when you have the economy going down the tubes, but in an ideal world it would be great to have a president who can kick some ass."


Check out the top five below:

1. Harrison Ford – Air Force One (1997)

2. Morgan Freeman – Deep Impact (1998)

3. Michael Douglas – The American President (1995)

4. Bill Pullman – Independence Day (1996)

5. Kevin Kline – Dave (1993)

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