Harrison Ford is dishing up all the secrets from the set of the latest and much anticipated Indiana Jones flick, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

The legendary actor recently sat down with ET, where he said it was easy for him to jump back in the saddle of the beloved character he made so famous, nearly 20 years ago.

"I never tire of Indy," Ford said. "It was a matter of finding a story that Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and I all agreed on. 10 years ago I thought it wasn’t going to happen. They finally had something we were happy with and it went very smoothly after that."

Although many of the plot’s secrets will not be revealed until the film is released next month, Harrison does say that working with up and comer Shia LeBeouf was great.

"He is a delight, an absolute professional, well prepared and a really nice person. He works hard and I think he’s gonna be around a long time."

For more with Harrison check out ET tonight and tomorrow!

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