Just in the last couple of years, he’s lived in Berlin, Paris, Namibia, New York, New Orleans, and now Brad Pitt has moved on to… Montana?

On Nov. 2, the picturesque town Kalispell, Mont., was abuzz with talk that the superstar was in their midst, with sources telling OK! that Angelina Jolie‘s baby-daddy was spotted at a local Valvoline Express getting an oil change. According to one “eyewitness,” Brad got chatty with a female in reception during his 11 a.m. pit stop and told her that he was planning on buying 12 acres of prime Kalispell land.

And even Valvoline staffers seemed to be convinced they had a superstar in their midst. A manager tells OK! that Brad, 43, was driving a silver Mitsubishi, “either a Mirage or a Galant. Nobody overreacted when he came in. We just did his oil change and addressed him as Mr. Pitt.” Adds another source, “He had on a beanie hat, a pair of jeans and a nice shirt… He was freshly shaven and looked decent.”

Also, local radio stations have been flooded with calls of sightings of someone looking suspiciously like Brad.

But could this man have been an imposter? Brad’s publicist Cindy Guagenti tells OK!, that talk of the heartthrob visiting Kalispell is a “fake” and that the real Brad was actually in boring old Los Angeles.

In fact, a source in Kalispell tells OK! that one man tried to score a free meal by claiming he was the handsome star, only to be revealed that he was no Brad at all, and merely a “Bill.”

Still, should Brad ever change his mind, local realtor Del Rambo, of Prudential Glacier Real Estate, would be more than happy to hook him up with several acres to share with his partner Angelina Jolie and their four children. “This is some of the most beautiful land God has ever created,” he informs OK!.

In the meantime, the questions looms: Does Brad have an equally good-looking twin roaming the streets of Montana?

By Laura Schreffler

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