While most 18-year-olds are spending the summer stocking up on supplies for their college dorm rooms, Heroes star Hayden Panettiere his enjoyed the last few months outfitting her house — and now she’s giving OK! all the details.

“I bought a house. I spent my summer setting up my new house and buying furniture,” she revealed at the NBC party celebrating the fall TV season on Sunday night. “It’s a good size,” she smiled. “It’s contemporary. It’s a space that doesn’t need a lot of clutter in it, so it’s pretty simple."

And while Hayden has jumped into the adult world of homeownership, she’s still doing the typical teen thing of having a roommate — at least for now. "My best friend from home, from New York, is actually moving in with me for a year," She explained. "So it’s not like I’m living in this house, partying by myself.”

When asked if she would have parties there, Hayden said, “Oh, yeah!”

According to the actress, her new pad is perfect for having friends over. “I have this big living room and I have this 14-foot by 14-foot couch," said Hayden. "I fill pretty much the whole room with it and it’s kind of the hangout spot… It’s comfy and people can make a mess in the room.”

Even though Hayden turns 19 on Aug. 21, she admitted she’s still has her little girl moments now that she’s living on her own. “My parents are down the street so when it’s late at night and I don’t feel like being by myself, I’ll be like, ‘Hi, dad.’ [He’ll say] ‘just come over.’ I’ll be like, ‘okay! Twist my arm!’ ”

After all, there are always those things that your parents do better than you, right? “I still want a mom and dad to take care of me and do my laundry, ‘cause I can’t do it. No, I’m kidding. I can do laundry!”

By Carole Glines

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