The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department has confirmed reports on that the father of Heroes star Hayden Panettiere has been arrested and faces charges of felony domestic assault.

Alan Panettiere was taken into custody shortly 3am Monday morning at the family’s West Hollywood home after an incident where the 49-year-old allegedly struck his wife Lesley in the face. It is not yet known if Hayden was in the house, as she recently moved into a nearby home of her own.

The family had been together Sunday evening at Beso, the Hollywood restaurant owned by Eva Longoria-Parker, where Hayden was hosting an event for The Whaleman Foundation, an organization that aims to stop the slaughter of whales and dolphins around the world.

According to police, it was at this event where Alan "apparently felt disrepected" by his wife. The charges were elevated from misdemeanor to felony because police called to the home saw visible signs of injury.

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