In the wake of the reports that Hayden Panettiere‘s father, Alan, had been arrested in the early hours of Monday on charges of felony domestic violence, OK! has learned that the Heroes star’s mother, Lesley, has declined placing a restraining order against her husband.

"We don’t know if the victim is going to pursue [the charges]," Steve Whitmore, a spokesperson for the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Dept., tells OK!. "Anytime there is a domestic allegation, the victim is offered an emergency protection order, basically a restraining order. She declined it."

Whitmore also revealed that Lesley was apparently "struck three times." However, in addition to passing on the protection order, "the victim also declined medical treatment."

"The victim did have visible injuries and we also believe alcohol was involved," added Whitmore. "That will be part of the investigation."

Alan Panettiere is currently being held on $50,000 bond. The Sheriff’s Dept. confirms that he will receive a court date once bond is posted, which is expected to happen later today.

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