You could say Heidi Montag has come a long way from being an intern and house-sharing with her friend.

The Hills star and her boyfriend Spencer Pratt say they about spend (ready?) $15million dollars on a house… and she’s planning to run for vice president!

Speaking at the launch of Heidi’s clothing line, Heidiwood Club, at Kitson in L.A., Spencer told TV’s Extra that they’re getting out of Tinseltown.

"I need a break from the drama. That’s why I’m moving out of Hollywood," he said.

But it doesn’t sound like it’s the property prices that have driven them away.


Wherever the reality TV couple settles, Heidi says they’re looking for a home somewhere in the neighborhood of $15million.

"A little bit expensive," she said, "but we want to get one house where we want to stay in and build a family in."

But Heidi isn’t satisfied just yet.


Last week she had lunch with Meghan, the daughter of presidential hopeful John McCain, and now she’s got her eye on the White House!

"I’m hoping that John McCain [will] just ask Heidi to be his Vice President," said Spencer. "Then Obama has no chance if Heidi’s VP."

If the way she handled her relationship with former best friend Lauren Conrad is anything to go by, though, maybe McCain shouldn’t put her in change of the diplomatic corps.

Heidi’s recently said that there’s "no animostity" between the couple and Conrad. But that’s not quite how it sounded at Kitson…

While Extra’s cameras were rolling, Pratt caught a glimpse of Lauren’s clothing line on the clearance rack and exclaiming, "I don’t roll with those clothes. I wouldn’t want to catch anything."

No animosity there then!

s interview with Heidi and Spencer airs tonight, July 28.

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