When you’re a supermodel, you’ve got to protect your assets, and for Heidi Klum, those assets include her legs, which are rumored to be insured for $2 million. So are they or aren’t they worth millions


"Yeah and they’re not looking good right now. Wish my pants weren’t so tight, I could show you," she tells Extra‘s Dayna Devon in an interview airing tonight. "I have the worst rug burn, but not from the kind of rug burn you’re thinking. I just did a commercial and was jumping off tables onto a rug," she explains.


Of course "other" kinds of rug burn would ocme to mind for the supermodel, as she’s unabashedly in love with her handsome husband, Seal.


"I think he’s hot and that’s all there is to it you know and we have fun together," she confesses.


Hopefully her hubby will be there for her as she waits on the fate of her popular reality show, Project Runway, which is caught in a legal battle between TV networks Bravo and Lifetime.


"We’ve shot the whole season already, we don’t know what will happen," confesses Heidi," so we’re kind of waiting to hear what the big wigs have to say on what’s gonna happen with this battle. I just hope we air."


We hope so too, and stay away from those rugs!

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