Heidi Montag and boyfriend/manager Spencer Pratt took a page from Olivia Newton-John’s book for her new music video for her song, "Overdosin,’ "and it’s paid off – the ’80s-themed work out-style video is a YouTube sensation.


"It was just something fun, easy and lighthearted," Heidi told Extra at last night’s Pepsi 500 Running Wide Open Party. "It was a great video."

The blonde bombshell, who endorses Republican candidate John McCain for president, apparently has her sights set on the White House. When she was quizzed about who McCain will choose as his vice president, the female half of Speidi revealed her lofty political goals.


"I am McCain’s vice president! Go team!" she exclaimed.


As for whether the Grand Old Party can expect a visit from the platinum pair at the national convention this year, Heidi is a little less optimistic, saying, "I don’t think we have enough time."


Such a shame!


Be sure to catch the rest of the interview with Heidi and Spencer tonight on Extra.

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