I was born with my eyes closed listening to my heart beat
in my mother’s womb; without knowing it I had discovered that I would live and
die for music…”


Fabian Alicastro – even his name sounds a bit rhythmic – and
he may be the next Ricky Martin, so I’m told. I met him last night, he was introduced
as the ‘the Colombian music sensation.’ He’s cute, although maybe 12, or just
younger than me anyway. But, Colombian-born, Miami-based musician Alicastro is
apparently one of the hottest pop stars in the Latin world and playing an
acoustic show in Cancun tomorrow night to celebrate the
First Annual Cancun International Film Festival.

The Festival was the brain-child of my friend Matt Heien.
Last year he told me he wanted to start a film festival in Cancun
and less than twelve months later I’m at the Melia Hotel looking out at the
waves wash up on the shore in Cancun, about to go catch a screening of “Dedication.”
The stars Billy Crudup and Mandy Moore aren’t here to support it, but
some smaller celebs like October’s Road’s Bryan Greenberg, Rachel Miner and
Brittany Gastineau are among those who’ve arrived so far to watch the first of
hopefully many film festivals in Mexico.
Sundance features fun and movie premieres in the snow, it’s about time there
was a similar festival in the sun.

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