Before filming a Bar Mitzvah scene on the Springfield, N.J., set of Two Lovers, extras were briefed not to bother the film’s touchy star, Joaquin Phoenix, who is notorious for getting very “into” his characters while shooting. But one extra just couldn’t keep his lips zipped.

“They weren’t supposed to bother Joaquin,” one on-set spy reveals to OK!, “but someone went up to him and told him his fly was down.”

Though it likely won’t make it into the final cut of the film Joaquin quickly zipped up on camera and continued the scene. The witness adds, “The mood in the room drastically lightened and he loosened up.”

Two Lovers, also starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Isabella Rossellini, is currently filming in and around New York City and is set for release next year.


By: Alisandra Puliti

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