Hilary Swank went the whole nine yards in preparing to portray aviation icon Amelia Earheart for new movie Amelia, taking to the friendly skies and learned how to fly, following in the famous footsteps of some other famous aviophiles. “I did learn to fly in the same plane that Angelina [Jolie] flies in, a Cirrus,” she revealed at last night’s premiere in NYC”.

However Hilary couldn’t actually take off when the cameras were rolling, due to insurance restrictions on the set of the biopic.

“They wouldn’t even allow me to go up while we were filming because of insurance purposes,” she told reporters. “If anything were to happen that wouldn’t end well.”

Hilary’s newfound love of flying won’t end now that the movie is wrapped, however, as she adds, “I look forward to getting my pilot’s license and seeing that through.

“I need a few more hours [in the air],” she explains. “Most importantly I have to fly solo, which is something I wasn’t allowed to do until I’d finished my movie and my press.”


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