Lo Bosworth talked about the drama between she and Audrina Patridge at The Hills finale party.Things got tense between the ladies when she moved in with Audrina and LC.


"Audrina and I are friends but not great friends and our friendship didn’t really progress after we moved in together," she said, "I think maybe that’s why people think it’s my fault. But it’s really not my relationship that’s having problems – it’s the relationship between Lauren and Audrina that has changed. I’m not responsible for their relationship so I think it’s hard to place the  blame on me."

Lauren Conrad weighed in on the issue as well. She had her own side of the story that she told OK!, "It was a bit disappointing because obviously there is a lot of tension and a lot of things  going on. Lo’s one of my best friends and she loves making an effort. Lo’s not a mean person, she’s a very nice person. You have to remember the show gets edited."

The third party in this house drama, Audrina, hopes that no one feels bad for her. "Our schedules are so different and we’re heading in so many different directions and I’m really separate back there in the back house. When we come together to film we’ve kind of drifted apart and there’s a bit of tension. We’re a little bit separated but it’s nothing to feel bad for me about." 

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