Life as a Playboy bunny isn’t all parties and fun, even if you’re Hugh Hefner‘s #1 girlfriend. Holly Madison and the sex mogul recently split up after seven years together, breaking the Playmate’s heart.


“I’m just kind of sad about my breakup with Hef. I wish he would’ve seen it coming,” the blonde beauty admits to Extra.


While all seemed to be smooth sailing on their E! reality show The Girls Next Door, Holly, along with fellow Hef galpal Kendra Wilkinson, announced she’ll be moving out of the house.


“Everybody was surprised when it happened because even though I was unhappy for a long time, the split happened suddenly," she reveals. "The signs were there. I was depressed for awhile.”


As for the reason behind the big split, Holly says that age ended up being more than just a number in their case.


"I want to be with somebody I can have more of a future with eventually. Hef and I can’t get married and have kids… So it was fun while it lasted but it wasn’t right for my old age. I got too old for Hef.”


There are no bad feelings, however, as Holly explains, “I still work for him. We’re still best friends. I still call and check in on him almost everyday.”


Next up? Perhaps her "friend with benefits," Criss Angel, of whom Holly says, "We’re good friends and we love spending time with each other."

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