Holy Hollywood! Jesse Eisenberg, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and Justin Bartha all showed up to the premiere of Holy Rollers in NYC at Landmark’s Sunshine Cinema on Monday night to celebrate the flick with a real religious bend to it.

The movie centers around a Brooklyn Hasidic youth who gets into the business of selling drugs. To prepare, star Jesse tells OK! he even stayed with a Hasidic family in Brooklyn.

“I spent about two years developing the character and researching because we had a lot of time,” he explained to OK!. “I don’t normally do that but we had a lot of time while we were raising the money so I used it learn about them, over the course of two years, spending time at the Hasidic schools and different communities and Borough Park, and Crown Heights and Williamsburg.”


Co-star Justin also put a lot of prep work in with his character.

“It was a labor of love that took a while to put together so we had time to go to Williamsburg and Borough Park and try to observe the Hasidic communities,” explained Justin. “I also, for a while, lived above a Hasidic family in Los Angeles for a couple years that I took a lot from.”

Reporting by Laura Lane

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