Prior to moving to Los Angeles, when I would come to visit I would finagle a way to stay at the Chateau Marmont – and when I was there I would rarely leave. I’d start the day with coffee in the lobby, go upstairs for a workout in the windowless gym and have lunch meetings and do coffee in the courtyard before ‘working’ at the pool and generally having people over for cocktails in our room and dinner downstairs. When at the Chateau, there’s little reason to leave. When I decided to move to LA my friends quickly informed me, “Jen, LA isn’t all like the Chateau Marmont.”
Apparently Josh Hartnett feels the same way- except for him, it can be all the Chateau Marmont.
Less than 48 hours after exiting the Chateau Marmont in an ambulance due to stomach pains, my friends saw Josh back at the Chateau last night, sitting outside on the patio with two guys. Josh was taken to the hospital due to what his rep called a ‘flare-up’ of a gastrointestinal problem just before 2am Monday, but my friends weren’t able to see what, or even if, he was eating or drinking, they only saw him at the table smoking.
I hear he may be temporarily living at the Chateau (his permanent apartment is in NYC). We hope Josh is feeling better and enjoying a speedy recovery at his home away from home.
As for me, I’m off to a blind date! Yes, it’s true. With an actor. I’ll refrain for any further details for now. Aftwards I’m going to try to catch Gavin DeGraw‘s show at the El Ray. If all goes well, maybe I’ll bring my date too 😉 xo

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