On Tuesday Nov. 4., Robert Pattinson must have been wishing he had superhuman strength like his character in Twilight.
The 22-year-old actor was being honored at Planet Hollywood in NYC, where he was due to cast his hand-prints in cement, to be displayed alongside stars like Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

But a hold up before the ceremony meant that the mixture began to firm up before the

English actor, 22, made it to the stage.
When a mortified-looking Robert couldn’t make a big enough dent by resting his entire bodyweight on his palms, an equally mortified female assistant had to force each of his fingers individually into the block.

And while she awkwardly pressed down on his digits, poor Robert went increasingly red in the face — partly because of all the pushing, but mainly because hundreds of girls were watching him fail to make a mark in wet cement!


"Even before the disaster with the cement, you could tell he was quite shy in front of all the screaming girls," an onlooker told OK!, "but when that started to go wrong, I think he just wanted to curl up in a ball!"


By Oliver Coleman

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