July 19
Today’s celeb birthdays
1962: Anthony Edwards (49)
1976: Vinessa Shaw (35)
1982: Jared Padalecki (29)

For the most part, this should turn out to be a pleasant day. Contacts with faraway people or places, developments at a distance or travel add a sparkle. But it’s what you hear behind the scenes, or what you say in confidence, that could rock the boat tonight. Best keep schtum. Call me to hear when to make that special purchase.

It’s another day when the more you stay in the background, the more you get done. Need to rest and relax? Pottering around at home or involving yourself in domestic activities give you great comfort and puts a smile on your face. Don’t spoil it with hasty words tonight. Call me to hear when to make that special hot date.

Collaborative work goes well with colleagues pulling together nicely in harmony. Meetings, too, get off to a good start and aspirations are shared. Speak out because people are interested to hear your news and views. Impulsive purchases or promises, though, could be expensive tonight. Watch out! Call me to hear when a family gathering makes you feel good.

You’re in the hot seat, Gemini – keep your cool! Much of what happens today goes in your favor and people in positions of power are not only receptive to your situation but also respect your values. However, you’ll lose ground if you lose your temper. Beware. Call me to hear when you turn that important corner.

It’s so satisfying to tie up all those loose ends. And it’s good, too, to see that your quiet and patient research is paying off. If you need information or advice follow your instincts – what you hear on the grapevine is probably right. But beware a clash of viewpoints tonight. Call me to hear when to make that new start.

People, partners, colleagues, customers, clients – you seem to be dealing with all the world and his wife today. In the main, your interpersonal skills do you well and lead to interestingly pleasing relations. However, be prepared for a discordant note later tonight. Call me to hear when to start that secret mission.

It’s a mixed bag at work today, Libra. You’re still high profile and determined to improve your status. On the whole, dealings with superiors, official matters or authority figures should go well. However, a political or legal matter could add a discordant note later tonight. Stay well clear! Call me to hear when to join that club.

The stars are highlighting leisure and pleasure for you today, Scorpio. Perhaps you’re on holiday, on a business trip or organizing a special outing. Alternatively, you may be involved in a creative, educational or cultural project – all of which is deeply interesting. Unfortunately, it’s also expensive! Call me to hear when to successfully tackle that official problem.

Investing time and effort in your property is worthwhile today. Quiet negotiations, too, will reap rewards especially if involving joint assets. A colleague or partner, however, may have different views. Tonight, finding a compromise will avoid an argument blowing up. Call me to hear when to pitch for success.

Talks, chats, agreements, negotiations – looks like everyone’s on the same wavelength today and you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding support. The problem comes later in the day when work routines come into question. Stay calm – hot-headed answers will undo all the good. Call me to hear when to make that investment.

Spending quality time with children and loved ones makes for a memorable day. A shopping trip, too, comes under favorable stars. And at work, it’s good to see that people are pulling together cooperatively. But if there’s any friction later on, it’s impulsive spending that’s to blame. Call me to hear when to make that good impression.

Children, friends and leisure time make for an enjoyable day. At work, imaginative ideas and creative projects lift the mood. Romance? It’s putting a warm glow in your heart. But tonight, impulsive actions and fiery tempers need to be controlled to avoid a family quarrel breaking out. Call me to hear when to make a start on that new job.

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