July 21
Today’s celeb birthdays
1951: Robin Williams (60)
1971: Charlotte Gainsbourg (40)
1978: Josh Hartnett (33)

Work, home, relationships: this eternal triangle has been bugging you for months. Sometimes the ripples settle to a nice calm and then at other times, like today, they whip up into choppy, irksome waves. But with Venus in your sign, you have more going for you than not. Focus on that. Call me to hear when to make that special purchase.

No sooner do you settle your differences, restore your mind to calm and rise above hassles than you once more meet with conflicting views, dissent and opposition. Stuff, it seems, happens and you’re piqued again! But now that you know, you can dodge the flack by compromising! Call me to hear when to make that special hot date.

Travel can be tedious, Taurus, especially for you who likes to steer a steady, sure course. So the delays, the interruptions and the abrupt changes could unsettle you over the next few hours. Take care especially if you’re lifting and carrying this afternoon to avoid strains or sprains. Call me to hear when a family gathering makes you feel good.

How easy life would be if everyone were as flexible and easy going as you, Gemini. But the fact is that people simply aren’t all sweetness and light today. Financial limitations, obstructive behavior or truculent moods will put a damper on your afternoon. The evening is brighter. Call me to hear when you turn that important corner.

Not all news is good news today, Leo. If you hit a block or your ideas meet with resistance, perhaps it’s a hint to re-think and try again. Or perhaps you just need to give yourself a break and have another go in a few day’s time when people are more amenable. Just remember, not all change is bad. Call me to hear when to make that new start.

You’re no stranger to tightening your belt and your purse-strings – though you wish you didn’t have to do so quite so often. It’s disappointing when you’ve set your heart on something that just doesn’t materialize. Think again, be flexible – make a change of plan work in your favor. Call me to hear when to start that secret mission.

If anyone knows about balance, it’s you, Libra. Is it six of this or half-a-dozen of the other? That’s what you will need to weigh up today when either someone blocks your path or else you stand firmly in their way. A little give and take eases the situation and makes for a happier evening. Call me to hear when to join that club.

Being of service and helping people may be altruistic, but doing kind deeds and thinking well of others can also have positive repercussions, making you feel good about yourself. Remember what they say: what goes around, comes around. So give freely today, Scorpio. Then give yourself a big hug tonight. Call me to hear when to successfully tackle that official problem.

Don’t be deflated just because other people don’t go along with your ideas, Sagittarius. You know how philosophical you are. So, if it doesn’t work out today, move on; if one person doesn’t agree with you, go to someone else who will. Just keep going. A break is long over-due. Call me to hear when to pitch for success.

Patience is a virtue. No-one understands that better than a Capricorn like you. You may not get your way at work, and you may find opposition at home, too. Rather than champ at the bit, perhaps there’s something you can learn from this episode. Ease back and relax. Call me to hear when to make that investment.

If you can’t explain that feeling of foreboding, it may simply be due to a bad dream you had in the night. Either that, or you’ve encountered some negative people and absorbed their mood. Whichever, it’s making you feel sluggish and slow. A loved one cheers you up tonight. Call me to hear when to make that good impression.

It’s about this time every month that you start feeling the financial pinch. Recognize the pattern and start to make the necessary changes that will help you to even out your income and expenditure next month. Don’t doubt yourself. This time next week it will be quite a different story altogether! Call me to hear when to make a start on that new job.

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