July 29
Today’s celeb birthdays
1942: Tony Sirico (69)
1966: Martina McBride (45)
1973: Stephen Dorff (38)

Hang on to your receipts today if you’re shopping, Leo, and make sure you get a printout of any dealings you have online. There’s a good chance you’ll need to show proof of your activities at a later date. A New Moon marks a new phase. Make that start tomorrow. Call me to hear when to make the change.

Are you quite in touch with reality today, Aries? Well, it is the end of the week and it looks as if you’re succumbing to that ‘Friday feeling’. Tomorrow’s New Moon in the creative zone of your chart points to the start of a new fun-loving phase. And it all begins today! Call me to hear when to make a fresh start on that creative activity.

Could be someone’s trying to pull the wool over your eyes today, Taurus. Trust your reading of the body language rather than what you hear with your ears. The impending New Moon turns your attention to the domestic side of life. Home and family now become your focus. Call me to hear when a domestic project gets off to a good start.

Today is filled with uncertainty. No matter where you are, you seem to be needed somewhere else. As a result, it’s not the sort of day that achieves much and you’re advised to give official matters a miss. Meet, talk, visit – but don’t make any decisions today. Call me to hear when to make that new approach.

Keep an eye on the road if you’re driving today and double check the address before you press the ‘send’ button. There’s many a slip twixt cup and lip and you must keep your wits about you. Finances are looking promising but wait until tomorrow before you spend. Call me to hear when to make that financial decision.

Someone could be spinning you a right old line today. Check out the facts yourself rather than take a colleague at their word. Avoid making agreements or signing contracts – little that is done today will take effect. A period of quiet refection brings up new ideas. Call me to hear when to act on a hunch.

Perhaps it’s because it’s Friday that you’re so prone to wool-gathering. The thing is, Libra, that being this distracted will inevitably lead to mistakes. So only tackle those jobs that don’t require precision. Socially, you’re on stronger ground. An interesting weekend lies ahead. Call me to hear when to make that new contact.

Whether you’re waiting for visitors to appear, a friend to call back or a project to begin, prepare for delays. Don’t champ at the bit – just go with the flow. Try to end the week on an easy note because, work-wise, it’s a whole new ball game from tomorrow. Call me to hear when to go for that new job.

Keep your feet on the ground today, Sagittarius, as there’s a chance you’ll be swept away with impractical ideas. Test equipment, turn off taps, look out for leaks. Tie up those loose ends now while you can. Then, you can go off with a clear conscience as new adventure calls. Call me to hear when to take a fresh direction.

You’re in two minds it appears, Capricorn. But whilst you’re thinking and debating, it’s as well to check your schedule, diary or appointment list as there’s a strong chance you’ve forgotten something – or someone. Money? A healthier bank balance is in sight. Call me to hear when to make that investment.

It’s a poor day for trading so if you can avoid shopping or placing orders today, you could save yourself a lot of hassle. However, time spent on creative planning and lateral thinking is a good investment. But wait until tomorrow before you put those plans in motion. Call me to hear when to take a chance on love.

Don’t leave people dangling in mid air, Pisces. If you can’t fulfill a promise, keep a commitment or deliver, stand up and say so. That way everyone knows where they are and you can relax with an easy mind. Start again tomorrow when the New Moon brings you extra oomph. Call me to hear when to turn over a new leaf.

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