August 11
Today’s celeb birthdays
1953: Hulk Hogan (58)
1965: Viola Davis (46)
1967: Joe Rogan (44)
1983: Chris Hemsworth (28)

You like to be in charge but with powerful stars in antagonistic aspect, there’s a strong chance that you’ll meet with resistance to your authority. In terms of your work and wellbeing, burning the midnight oil may take its toll today. Slow the pace and rest. Call me to hear when to avoid a row with your partner.

Are you fed up, Aries? With personal duties and work obligations vying for your attention, it wouldn’t be at all surprising if you felt you wanted to be anywhere else but here! Yet it’s at times like these that new ideas taking shape could lead to life changing events. Call me to hear when to prevent a get-together going haywire.

Use your energy productively and just remember that speed is not equivalent to progress! Be aware, too, that people will try to lumber you with tasks which will cut into your time. Besides, whatever is promised, fixed or arranged today is bound to come unstuck. Call me to hear when to avoid a blowout with the authorities.

Finances? The pressure is intense today. Don’t take anything for granted if you’re involved in business dealings, nor believe what you’re told if purchasing expensive items. Get rid of excess baggage by all means – but don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater! Call me to hear when to avoid a confrontation on the road.

Competition versus compromise? Conflict is in the air and you could end up seriously at loggerheads with someone close. Whether at home or at work, meet in the middle or the fur will fly! Agreements aren’t worth the paper they’re written on. It’s a difficult day. Call me to hear when to avoid making a big financial mistake.

Feeling competitive? Whether it’s a race around the track, a pub quiz or a hand of poker, you’re in it to win it today! Which is probably the best way to discharge that head of steam you’ve built up. Emotionally, though, you could go off like a rocket. Beware. Call me to hear when to prevent others taking advantage of you.

Demands are coming at you from all sides: work, home, boss, family. With so much pressure, keeping your poise could be difficult today, Libra. However, this is one of those days when a little back-pedaling will work to your advantage. Keeping your cool is worth it. Call me to hear when to avoid your temper exploding.

Your brain is working at ten to the dozen, your arguments are forceful and you’re in no mood to take ‘no’ for an answer. Travel could be taxing, frustrating and downright annoying. Take note of the message in today’s stars, Scorpio, and just slow down. Call me to hear when to avoid your home becoming a battlefield.

Savings, investments, budgets, payments, debts – it’s not good news for money, today, so don’t let anyone twist your arm when it comes to making financial decisions. The stars certainly don’t favor taking risks with your money right now. Wait until late August when prospects improve. Call me to hear when to avoid an argument.

Issues that have been swept under the carpet may surface today and demand to be resolved. But try not to resort to manipulative tactics in order to get one over on someone at work. Love? When it comes to partners, a compromise will keep life sweet. Call me to hear when finances cause a ruckus.

Is someone trying to undermine you, Aquarius? Given today’s cosmic patterns, it looks as if they are. Either that or a complicated project defeats you. Be extra careful if you’re lifting heavy objects or you could do yourself a mischief. It’s definitely a good day to procrastinate! Call me to hear when to curb over-assertiveness.

Usually, Pisces, he who hesitates is lost. But, much as you may be tempted to grab your chance, don’t run that risk today! It’s certainly not advisable to force the issue whether you’re dealing with a friend, a child or a lover. Keeping a low profile is best. Call me to hear when a mistake needs to be put right.

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