August 15
Today’s celeb birthdays
1968: Debra Messing (43)
1972: Ben Affleck (39)
1989: Joe Jonas (22)
1990: Jennifer Lawrence (21)

Talking money today, Leo? There’s a buoyant financial start to the week so act swiftly to get the best deals. By 9:30 am, the enthusiasm fades and so does your mood. Spend the rest of the day in quiet research and working up ideas on your own. Call me to hear when to watch out for a financial glitch.

You probably won’t feel like hitting the ground running this morning, Aries. In fact, you’ll probably want to keep a lower than usual profile over the next two days. Tidying up, resting, clearing the decks and tying up loose ends makes good use of your time now. Call me to hear when your misgivings are unfounded.

Chances are you have social arrangements to juggle today, meetings to fix into your schedule and contacts to make. On the whole, you set out on a cheerful, optimistic note. The problem is that as the morning progresses, frustration could set in as connections fail. Call me to hear when a social plan fizzles to nothing.

Don’t dawdle today, Gemini, or allow people to distract you because it’s the very early hours of the morning that are the most productive. Official business, meetings with the boss or discreet enquiries are best carried out before 9.20. if you want to get results. Call me to hear when to be on the lookout for mistakes at work.

Going somewhere, Cancer? Best get your skates on and make a good start because today it’s very much a case of the early bird who catches the worm. The same applies if you’re making arrangements – get all bookings made by 9.20. After that, you can sit on your laurels. Call me to hear when you must double-check travel times.

You’ll get the best out of partners, clients, colleagues and customers first thing this morning. So if you need to agree terms, sign contracts, get people’s consent, strike while the iron is hot around 9am. Then hold off making important arrangements until later in the week. Call me to hear when you shouldn’t sign that contract.

Shop, place orders, sort accounts as soon as you can this morning, Libra. There’s a very small window of cosmic opportunity and unless you get your important business sorted by 9.20am, you may find your efforts frustrated. Mistakes are rife later in the day. Stay sharp. Call me to hear when you must double-check the details.

It’s good to see you’re in a playful mood especially given that it’s back-to-work Monday. But the euphoria is likely to wane as you go through the day at work so it could be a question of ‘gather ye rosebuds while ye may’. On holiday? The cheer continues. Call me to hear when you can’t afford to trust your luck.

There’s so much you’d like to do today and you start in good heart determined to cut swathes through your work. But whether it is that you’ve just taken on too much or that you’re distracted by other matters, it looks like you’ll be losing focus quite soon. Call me to hear when a domestic arrangement falls apart.

Happy news, post or contact from a loved one puts you in good spirits first thing this morning and sets you up for the day. But you’ll profit best if you’re traveling, meeting people or engaged in a creative pursuit. Otherwise, a usual routine proves frustrating. Call me to hear when you can’t trust what you’re told.

Hopefully, you’re not planning on a major shopping spree today. If you are, the stars advise making a very early start. If not, you’d be wise to postpone those purchases until later in the week. Believe in yourself today, Aquarius, and don’t let anyone knock your self-esteem. Call me to hear when a purchase won’t be worth the money.

It’s worth getting yourself motivated and making an extra effort to get the show on the road as early as you can because there’s a chance you’ll run out of steam once the morning gets underway. Make calls, send emails and sign documents before 9.20am to ensure a positive response. Call me to hear when a promise comes unstuck.

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