August 29
Today’s celeb birthdays
1939: Joel Schumacher (72)
1971: Carla Gugino (40)
1986: Lea Michele (25)

Whatever it is you’re doing today, Virgo, and wherever you are, make this an easy, happy day for yourself. Venus, goddess of love and good fortune, is smiling on you and a New Moon is kick-starting a brand new chapter of hope and enthusiasm in your life. Call me to hear when you must keep your wits about you.

Whether you’re at home or at work, hosting a family gathering or busy with DIY and other projects, your day should go with a swing. Whatever you start today will take root, grow and flourish. By this evening, you’ll be pleased with the results. Call me to hear when to watch out for serious errors at work.

It’s a fun day filled with leisure and pleasure pursuits. Spend your day with friends, with children and loved ones. But if you’re at work, think imaginatively and get involved in a creative project. Venus, your ruler, is helping you to feel lucky and loved. Call me to hear when love keeps you guessing.

Family, home, bricks-and-mortar, property, garden, kith-and-kin. This is where your heart lies today, Gemini, with the people you love the most and in the place you love the best. The efforts you put into your home today will bear fruit in weeks to come. Call me to hear when you can safely wriggle out of a commitment.

It’s a good news day, Cancer. It’s also a day to turn an important corner. And it’s a day to put new plans into practice. Talk your ideas through with those close to you; you’ll find people are receptive to what you have to say. Call me to hear when communications go awry.

Feeling good, Leo? The planets are certainly shining on you and filling you with a sense of ease and contentment. It’s money you have in mind today and you’re feeling optimistic about improving your finances in the future. A little retail therapy does you good today. Call me to hear when a purchase is a waste of money.

The more time you can spend on your own, doing the things that please you most, the better today, Libra. It’s a good day to spend reminiscing, reassessing and pulling threads together. Do quiet research, listen to music, sleep and rest – just get away from the throng. Call me to hear when you can’t trust gossip.

Your social life is booming, Scorpio, making this a great day for a get-together with friends and loved ones. If you’re single and looking, meeting someone new today could lead to happy times ahead. Goals and ambitions? Put that big plan in motion now. Call me to hear when a colleague lets you down.

You’re center stage today and taking the lead comes naturally. There’s comfort in family unity but it’s work that’s on your mind right now. You’re fired with a new impetus and desire to improve your lot, reputation, status and career. The New Moon will help you do just that. Call me to hear when people in authority are unhelpful.

Look to the far horizon, Capricorn! Cosmic power is opening your eyes to new possibilities and whetting your appetite for adventure. Doing something different today and blowing away the cobwebs is so refreshing. Talking about your future plans will also please. Call me to hear when to double check travel arrangements.

Take a fresh look at your situation today, Aquarius. In some ways, this could turn into a lucky day. Finances, at least, are looking up with new ideas regarding property, savings and investments taking a more positive turn. Romance? Today’s intimacy brings closeness and love. Call me to hear when you shouldn’t make that investment.

Be with the people you care for most today, Pisces. You’re a magnet for good things now that Venus, planet of romance, is showering you with warmth and love. A relationship is making pleasing progress and you’re happy. Make this a day of new beginnings. Call me to hear when an agreement is broken.

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