In the decade plus that I’ve been interviewing celebrities there are few who have left such an impression that I remember vivid details.

There was Cyndi Lauper in the late 90s, my first phone interview and besides the horror of the tape not recording, what I took away from that was ‘Yes, Cyndi’s voice is really that high, always’ and she was nice and respectful. Being on the West Coast at the time (still in college at ASU) when she was on the East Coast, it was around 6am when she called and said, ‘Hi Jen, it’s Cyndi. Is it too early? Do you want me to try to call again later?” Um…

Then I remember interviewing David Sedaris and being put on hold so he could order an ashtray to his room, and being regaled by a tale of his love for smoking that had me in tears. Angelina Jolie didn’t have anyone with her (other than Maddox) and seemed to give the most sincere responses. Interviewing Christian Slater, alone on a patio on the Hudson Pier, was everything I’d hoped it would be as he had me mesmerized by the voice that made him my tween crush. Then there’s Callum Blue, who quite honestly I’d never heard of prior to our scheduled phone interview -five years ago- but I haven’t forgotten since.

When I spoke to Callum, while he was on a show called Dead Like Me, I remember he was doing the interview while in the car on the way to pick his mom up from the airport. What I took away from that was that he that he was very funny, charming (English accents go a long way with me) and maybe I should watch  Dead Like Me sometime. I didn’t, but was happy to see him in the first season of The Tudors. I was even happier to see him yesterday, at my house!

I got home yesterday to find an envelope, clearly addressed to Callum Blue, with my address on it, on my mail table. My friend Amber had stopped by a few minutes before I got home and said Callum’s agent dropped it off and Callum would be by to pick it up. Random. We questioned (hopefully) if he was the tenant who signed a lease on the vacant unit upstairs the day before…I’d just walked in from the gym. My hair was dripping wet from sweat (less than attractive) and I was starving and late for dinner. That said, I decided to take a shower and risk missing meeting Callum – although I advised Amber to stall should he arrive.

There was a knock on the door as soon as I turned off the water. I listened as Amber handed Callum the envelope. Then, as Callum introduced himself and told Amber it was a really nice house (my house) and that he was staying upstairs with a friend I happen to know. It was all too much for me to just listen to – and I ran out to the living room, dressed in a towel, with another on my head, and smudges of mascara still streaming down my face. He told me I looked familiar. I told him I interviewed him several years ago – over the phone.  I felt like a starstruck fan (I just watched the “Samantha Who’ episode about her acting like a gushing fan the night before). He said he was leaving tomorrow (today) to MOVE to Vancouver where he’s going to be the new villain on Smallville (which happens to be one of my mother’s favorite shows).

I’m going to Vancouver next month to see Kings of Leon. Perhaps our paths will cross there again. Perhaps I’ll be in more suitable attire.

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