Hi everyone!

How’s it going? I hope you had a great weekend! I’ve been working like mad the last few weeks. It’s crazy. You really have to get used to hotel-living. It’s not easy, but my makeup artist gave me a tip that I think everyone should keep in mind if they find themselves on extended work trips!

If we’re going to be at a place for a number of days, we try to make our hotel room as nice as we can. Sometimes we’ll get to stay in one hotel or a few episodes in a row, which is really nice, because you’re there for a week and a half, two weeks potentially. One of the tricks I learned from him is to take a water glasses from house, keeping like eight or 10 of them, and get tea lights and put them in the water glasses and spread them around the room in a cool way.

It’s a very cheap way of adding incredible ambience to your room and it just allows you to relax! It makes us feel like we’re coming home instead of back to a hotel room. He always goes to the supermarket and buys couple batches of flowers and then cuts them down short and puts them in water glasses to decorate the bathroom so it just feels a little more homey. We really like to kick up our feet and have a glass of wine and have some cheese and talk and maybe watch some TV if we come home early enough. But usually we don’t roll back home in upwards of ten o’clock or later and we’ve started at five in the morning so there’s not a lot of, “Hey let’s go hang out.” We pretty much just want to collapse!


Have a great week, everyone!


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