How does the American public save Conan O’Brien? Flood the inbox of every NBC executive, otherwise known as executive email carpet bombing (EECB). The Consumerist offers this as one method of handling the NBC late night TV debacle, threatening to oust Conan prematurely from his 11:35 Tonight Show time slot, something the tall, red-headed co-host has worked very hard for.

“Six years ago Conan signed a contract that promised he would one day sit in the same same chair as Johnny Carson,” writes The Consumerist, reigning the Tonight Show for an hour, and after Jay Leno‘s low ratings threaten NBC, Conan’s new home is in jeopardy.

Conan released a statement today informing America of his stance on the situation, and refusing to follow Jay, feeling a shift in the scheduling of NBC Late Night TV would “seriously damage what I consider to be the greatest franchise in the history of broadcasting.”

An effective EECB, would make a big statement and cause NBC to seriously evaluate their decision, The Consumerist argues.

The publication also points out that Conan’s material is more original compared to Jay who endorses products very frequently during his The Jay Leno Show.

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