Real Housewives of Alanta‘s NeNe Leakes isn’t one to shy away from a challenge. She’s played fashion police for E! at the Emmys and even lashed out at Michael Lohan on The Insider for being a “toxic parent.” Now NeNe, 42, has to decided to tackle her weight and get into shape. She tells OK! how she dropped 10 pounds in two weeks and how she plans to keep it off.

NeNe started by hiring West Coast Workout trainer Tammy Stokes, whose Live Your Healthiest Life regime consists of eating sensible meals and burning fat through intense exercises.

“My trainer has taught me to eat breakfast, NeNe told OK!. “She said, ‘NeNe, you have to bite something in the morning to get your metabolism going.’ So I’ve learned to do that, and it works.”

“Then I eat my lunch: lots of salads with chicken,” she added. “I love to go out to eat for dinner, [but] I never order an entrée. The portion sizes today are very large. So I’ll order an appetizer.”

NeNe hasn’t been working with Tammy for that long, but has already seen big results.

“About 14 days. If she comes to my house, we walk through the neighborhood with weights, she explained to OK! “If I go to her studio, I take a group class or do one-on-one training.”

While NeNe has been better about eating healthier food she still has a hard time giving up old habits.

The hardest thing for NeNe to cut out are the carbs. “I cut back, but I’m not giving up my potato chips,” she explained.


As for all the cocktails we see the girls drinking on the show, they are still gonna be there…just not as much.

“I like my sweet cocktails, but I know they have a lot of calories,” NeNe told OK!. “I can still treat myself — I just can’t drink every day.”

NeNe has taken the steps to get healthy and is very happy with her results so far.

“I feel good. To be honest, I like my size. I’m a 10, and I don’t think that’s fat,” NeNe explained. “I’m almost 6 feet. If I were a size 4, I would look anorexic, and I don’t want to look like that. It’s more about getting healthy.”

Reporting by Carole Glines

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