Whether you want to throw a pre-party before you go see New Moon, or you’ve just seen it in theaters and want to reminisce, there’s never a bad reason for celebrating your love for Twilight! OK! asked event planning and styling experts Danielle Neumann and Nicole Kenneally of StylegURLs to share with our readers how to throw the perfect Twilight party — and then we put their ideas to the test!

Style gURLs and Twi-hards Danielle and Nicole agreed that now is the perfect time to throw a Twilight party, telling OK!, “Everyone loves a party and the premiere of New Moon is the perfect excuse to gather all your “vamp-tastic” friends to celebrate the ‘next chapter’!”

Here’s your Twilight party plan! From invitations to party activities, we’ve got many idea that you can pick from on how to throw your personally perfect Twilight party!

Whether you decide to buy or make your invitations order, there are a few details you want to make sure to include.

Party Starts at twilight, of course!
Vampire teeth cards
“Beware of Papercuts” warning
Cullen family crest
Zephyr font — used on the book covers!

Nicole and Danielle suggest creating a pop-up card that had vampire teeth inside. They also recommend that you do all of your writing in Zephyr font, which is the same font that is used on the cover of Twilight. If you don’t have this font already you can download it online or simply freehand it yourself.

We went for the homemade look for our okmagazine.com Twilight party and created the cards on our own — great way to throw this party on a budget!

The StylegURls emphasize that timing is perfect: “It goes without saying that your party has to start at twilight!”

Nicole and Danielle added that you should “show off your devotion to Edward with a ‘please bandage any paper cuts before arriving’ request on your invite.”

You can also place a “Beware of Paper Cuts” warning on the back of your envelopes like we did, so none of your guests have a problem like Bella opening their cards! We also included a Cullen family crest as a seal for the envelope!

You can use all the ideas or just pick your favorite ones if you’re on a budget. But, a good investment for your Twilight party is purchasing a cardboard cut-out of your favorite Twilight character. We were lucky enough to get ours from department store Nordstrom.

“Welcome to Forks” Banner
Red, white and black-themed party
Ruffled Parrot tulips
Twinkle lights in white or red
Fog machine
Signs with quotes
Life size cut-outs of the cast

“Don’t underestimate the importance of first impressions,” Danielle and Nicole warn.  “Create a ‘Welcome to Forks’ banner to hang outside your front door so guests are sure to know they’re about to enter the “Twilight Zone!”

You can also decorate with blown up covers of the Twilight Saga books or quotes from the book such as: “And so the lion fell in love with the lamb,” or “How long have you been 17?”

Other ideas for decorations are a fog machine, red and white twinkle lights, and Ruffled Parrot tulips (the flower on the cover of New Moon). For our okmagazine.com party we used red roses instead!

Along with making sure to decorate your place you also need to decorate yourself.

“Be sure to greet your guests ‘Vamp Ready’!” Danielle and Nicole suggest. “Go for an all-over pale, with sheer dusting powder with a hint of glimmer and a ‘just-bitten’ lip with deep berry stain.”

Nordstrom.com also sells Twilight make-up that can do the trick or, if you’re on a budget, use what you already have and paint your fingernails black and wear red lipstick!


Party Activities
Danielle and Nicole gave a lot of ideas for activities to include at your party, but obviously one activity that has to be included is watching the movie Twilight!

Horoscope readings
Cullen crest temporary tattoos
Twilight trivia games
Twilight and New Moon soundtracks
Pin-the-Tail on the werewolf
Try to Kiss the Edward
Bobbing for apples
Bella’s Birthday gift bags

Before, after or during your screening of Twilight there are many Twilight-type games you can play to keep your guests entertained: The best idea is to set up a photo shoot area where guests can take pictures with cardboard cut-outs of the Twilight cast. During our okmagzine.com party this was our favorite part! We each took turns posing with our lifesize cut-out of Robert Pattinson available at Nordstrom.com.

Nicole and Danielle suggest, “Let attendees show their true allegiance and take pictures with cut-out Edward or Jacob and give them to guests in a ‘Team Edward’ or ‘Team Jacob’ branded frame.”

Other ideas include having a horoscope reading or playing games like Twilight Scene-It. Or you could always make your own game by spinning around and trying to kiss Edward or Jacob to see which team you’re really on!

There are lots of cute ideas you could use for your party menu it just depends on how Twilight creative you want to get!

Vampire teeth napkin holders
Vampire cupcakes — We love Crumbs’ “Love at First Bite”
Mushroom ravioli
White and red chocolate fountain
Blood type bottles
Twilight Sweethearts
Bella’s enchiladas

The hit of our party, besides the cut-out of R-Pattz, were delicious “Love at First Bite” cupcakes from Crumbs Bake Shop. Available in stores for $3.75 and can be ordered online for $4.50. The cupcakes are chocolate cake with vanilla cream cheese frosting. They are decorated with wax fangs and bat sprinkles and inside is the best treat of all — cherry pie blood and guts filling!

Nicole and Danielle also recommended having bottles marked with blood types.

“Positively a must,” Danielle and Nicole said. “Pour a deep red beverage (try light corn syrup combined with red food dye) into clear bottles and mark them with different blood types (O Positive, B Positive, O Negative).” For our party we decided to fill our bottles with tomato juice and serve that as our beverages as well!

The best ideas for your main entree dishes are taken straight from the Twilight Saga books.

“Wild Mushroom ravioli (think Port Angeles) and Bella’s Enchiladas (Charlie’s fave) are a great start,” Danielle and Nicole suggest for the main course. “Another cute way to let guests show their allegiance to Edward or Jacob, have food trays marked with ‘garlic-free’ and ‘garlic-galore’ labels.”

If you go all out or just do some of these ideas you’ll definitely have a fun time with your friends celebrating the release of New Moon!

Danielle & Nicole, Style gURLs!The Style gURLs offer style-centric services ranging from personal shopping excursions and wardrobe-building sessions, to special occasion and party planning production by two renowned “style insiders.”

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