To Beth Ostrosky-Stern, her sixth months of marriage to Howard Stern have been a whirlwind of "marital bliss."


"He’s the perfect husband," she told OK! at a recent party to celebrate the launch of America’s first TopShop store.


"It’s the best thing in the world. I didn’t think [our relationship] could get better, but it did."


There is one issue, though. She has recently found herself trapped between a snoring man and a snoring bulldog!


"Since we’ve got married, [Howard has] been snoring.


"I’m having a huge problem."


And, of course, Howard’s trying to solve it the way that only a radio host would.


"I’ve recorded him the last couple of nights and he’s been playing it on air. And I’m thinking that psychologically, if he hears it, he’s going to stop."


(Is that what you call shock-jock therapy?)


"But it didn’t stop. So I bought the wax earplugs today. Because I go in the other room and I have a bulldog who snores just as loud as Howard. I need to build another bedroom," laughed the model.


And what of the store that she was at the Balthazar restaurant in New York that night to celebrate?


"I’m a big TopShop fan, it’s going to do so well — it’s brilliant to bring it over."

By Oliver Coleman

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