Who knew Hugh Hefner was still legally married? The Playboy founder has just filed for divorce from his wife Kimberly Conrad Hefner, after more than a decade of separation.

In the paperwork filed last Friday, Hugh is asking a judge to order him to pay Kimberly, a former Playmate, $20,000 a month in spousal support, according to the Associated Press. He’s been paying her $40,000 a month since they separated in 1998.

Hugh then wants those monthly payments to end in two years, or after a trial on the couple’s divorce is held, whichever comes first.

Hugh, 83, has been quite the unofficial bachelor, living with girlfriends at the Playboy Mansion, complete with a reality show portraying their lives since 2005, The Girls Next Door.

Last month Kimberly sued Hugh, claiming he owes her $4 million under their prenuptial agreement and for proceeds from the sale of the home she is living in. The lawsuit alleges Hugh told her he’d pay $250,000 per year for every year they were married after their fourth anniversary.

For his part, Hugh says he paid $750,000 at the time of the separation.

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