Conan O’Brien‘s fans took to the streets to protest against their idol’s ousting from the Tonight Show to make way for Jay Leno on Monday night.

On Monday Team Coco staged a protest at the Universal studios, prompting Jay Leno to play peacemaker on The Jay Leno Show, reports E! Online.

Hundreds of Conan fans braved pouring rain outside the Tonight Show set, chanting “Jay Leno sucks!”

The wronged comedian himself appeared on the roof to wave to fans, and his staff passed out pizza to the crowd below.

Jay tried to appease NBC audiences in the opening of his show. “Don’t blame Conan O’Brien,” he said. “Nice guy, good family guy, great guy…through all of this Conan O’Brien has been a gentleman. He’s a good guy. I have no animosity towards him. This is all business.”

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