One of my most recent food kicks was an obsession with scrambled eggs. Each platter could be something different. For breakfast, it was a plate of scrambled eggs and spinach or tomatoes. For lunch and dinner, I tried to add green pepper and shredded cheese into the mix—at least I was getting in my veggies!

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I was ecstatic when I discovered Elizabeth Hasselbeck's frittata recipe and instantly become super hungry. The recipe comes from Elizabeth's Deliciously G-Free cookbook and includes some of my favorite things—eggs and green peppers!

I decided to make it for a mini housewarming/dinner party, and it was a hit. When I first started flipping through Elizabeth's book, I was really worried that I wouldn't have a lot of the ingredients. In my experience, gluten-free recipes always seem to call for ingredients that I can't pronounce or find anywhere but Whole Foods. Am I the only one that doesn't have xanthan gum

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The frittata's major ingredients were eggs, green peppers, black beans, onions and half and half. The recipe called for ten eggs and served four people, which I thought was a good amount of eggs for one person to eat. 

Elizabeth's recipe says to cook the vegetables a little on the stove and then add them in again when baking the frittata. My only complaint would be that I had to transfer bowls a couple times—washing multiple dishes can be a pesky task.

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My favorite part had to my the black beans and the light, fluffy texture. I knew I ate a decent-sized meal, but didn't feel super stuffed. 

Next time I make gluten-free, I'll try to be brave and bake a cake. I know I'll definitely make this yummy dish again. 

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