I got back from Nashville yesterday and I leave for Cabo tomorrow so I skipped the ESPY parties tonight to pack, unpack and relax – and because I heard Justin Timberlake was bailing on the parties and frankly I was tired.


8pm: I got home from a long day at the office – Yes, I do go sometimes.


11pm: I finally motivated to pack and unpack, knowing afterwards I could go to sleep.


12am: I get a burst of energy.


12:15: I start doing pilates. I should go to sleep.


1am: I get an urge to explore my new tolerance for Country music and download Big & Rich, Tim McGraw and Garth Brooks tunes from itunes. Also download a George Jones song. I know  his name but have gotta admit to not knowing much (any) of his music. When I was interviewed John Rich (pictured) on his tour bus before a taping of Nashiville Star Monday night Mr. Jones  told me I am "pretty as a peach." I’m told he’s one of the greatest living country stars  and that’s a pretty big compliment. I’m flattered, least I can do is listen to some of his music…I was singing the line of the country song, "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy" since I got to Nashville – and tried to mount a saddled barrel for a photo opp. I didn’t know until five minutes prior to my spontaneous interview with John Rich that he wrote and sings the song. And here I was liking him for just for his sometimes harsh but honest commentary on Nasville Star.


1:30am: I pour a glass of wine. I should be sleeping.


1:32am: Decide it’s a good time to blog becasue it’s been a whole three hours since I’ve spoke to someone and this is a good forum for me to babble, obviously.


I:40am: About to browse my bookshelf for a new book to read. I should be sleeping.


My friend’s picking me up to head to LAX en route to Cabo at 6am.


I should be sleeping…

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