What better to lift you from your Turkey Day coma than watching an interview with Rihanna? The singer sits down with Toure tomorrow to talk about her style, her self-image and what she really wanted to call her album.

Currently promoting her new CD, Rated R, the 21-year-old admits she had a far more salacious title in mind, on the interview airing on Fuse at 6pm EST.

“I actually wanted to name my album, Such a F—ing Lady, but a couple of stores, a couple of major outlets didn’t allow that… That was the title for a while, but Rated R made more sense because of the overall story.”

Meanwhile, she continues to make waves with her hard-edged style. “I like playing with the tough but not too tough, and being a lady but not too girlie because that’s not me,” she explains. “I kind of play on both. I like things a little twisted, a bit of a bad a** and a bit of lady.”

And while Rihanna has the confidence to venture out in the skimpiest of clothes, even she has off-days.

“There’s something that is never good enough. You never look in the mirror and say ‘yes, I’m perfect today’. It’s always like, okay I don’t have a pimple but my gut looks huge. Awesome. You always find a flaw. That’s what the mirror is there for, it’s very bad.”

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