Ice Cube and wife of fifteen years Kim Jackson recently enjoyed private time in Maui, where he got a break from his least favorite chore. ‘I hate taking out the trash,’ the father of four children ages 6-20 told OK! at the NYC premiere of ‘Are We Done Yet?’ on April 3. ‘I make my sons do it. You can ask for them to do it, you can wish for them to do it, but until you show them where the trash is, they never take it out. They just walk past it like they don’t see it. I end up having to do it some of the time, and I hate it.’ Aside from dividing up responsibilities, Cube’s kids are the greatest blessing to his marriage. ‘They give you a purpose, they give you a reason to try harder. They make you focus in life on what you’re trying to build. If you’re trying to build a family, children are the glue.’-Valerie Nome

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