Tony nominee Constantine Maroulis only wants one thing from American Idol tonight.


Now starring in the new Broadway production Rock of Ages, for which he was nominated for leading actor in a musical, Constantine says, "It would be nice for them to mention it tonight on rock night in front of 30 million people.


"It’s sort of a big deal, and it would be great for our show."


Constantine is the first Idol alum to be nominated for a Tony award.


"I’m very excited and blessed," he shares. "We have a great show, and this a great cast. I’ve been in tons of shows, but this a team effort, and the show got a best musical nomination, which is amazing," he reveals to the TV Fanatic.


Constantine found out about the nomination while lying on his home couch.


"I fell asleep watching Sports Center. I woke up this morning around 8:30 a.m. and said let me turn on the television, and they were on my category. They mentioned my name and I was sort of floored. Then my phone started ringing."


In Ages, Constantine plays Drew, a struggling wannabe rocker sweeping floors in a bar on the Sunset Strip, dreaming about the day he’ll make it big.

The show features a kick-ass medley of ’80s hits, and yes, you do wind up singing along!

I’ve been saying that Constantine would be in this very predicament after watching him sing his heart out at the show’s opening night last month.

Now he only has one thing to think about: should he thank Idol judge Simon Cowell if he wins!


"I haven’t thought about that," he laughs.


The 63rd Annual Tony Awards airs on June 7 at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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