Extra recently sat down with American Idol‘s Nikki McKibbin, who spoke openly about her past as an exotic dancer, and that trip to the hospital that many feared was a botched suicide attempt.

"I was hospitalized but not because I tried to kill myself," she says. "The police officers handcuffed me, stuck me in the back of a squad car…it was traumatic."

McKibbin says an allergic reaction to pain medication ended with paramedics and police at her home and that the incident was blown out of proportion.


It was speculated that the incident happened because McKibbin was distraught over the death of her mother. She has reportedly been quoted as saying she wanted to be with her mother in heaven. But when questioned about it, she only says, "Honestly, I’ve said it before so I am not saying I didn’t. But I don’t remember. Honestly, I just don’t remember."

The season one American Idol contestant openly admites to being a stripper and confirms that the producers of AI were aware of her past. "The little questionnaire. {It asks} have you ever been a dancer. I put, ‘Yes–Exotic,’" McKibbin reveals.

McKibbin, who released her debut album Unleashed, also has advice for this season’s David Hernandez who is in the middle of a similar scandal. She says, “Don’t let what people think about you ruin your life.”

For the full interview with Nikki McKibbin, tune in to Extra on Wednesday!

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