Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie have apparently kissed and made up… and are only waiting on us to do the same.

A source close to both women tells E! News that the fans are the only people who have not yet moved on.

For example, if Jen and Angelina were to bump into each other accidentally, the source says it would be no big deal.

“Angelina really couldn’t care less. And Jennifer really has moved on. I promise you this.”

The source continued to make other promises saying, “I promise you this — she is the nicest girl. Besides, she’s got other fish to fry,” adding, “Well, she is a huge flirt. That’s all, I’ll say.”

That might not be all we need. Jen is over it and Angelina is over it, but what about Brad Pitt?

Maybe this love triangle isn’t over with yet!

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