By popular demand -thanks mom (well, no, you never really read it), friend from high school who found me on facebook and at least three or four friends who were regular readers (to see if they were in it),– as well as the realization that I’ve accumulated too many unwritten ramblings and shenanigans that seem to happen with increasing regularity here on the left coast– SimplyJen is back, at least every now and again for the foreseeable future 😉

Since I’ve been gone I’ve settled into the LA lifestyle. The biggest acclimation was learning to drive, again, and now, not that I’m particularly proud of it, I find myself even texting and driving! Have learned traffic is a time most LA-people get much of their work done. I’ll probably even be blogging looking at the back of someone’s bumper some of these days.

I was told ‘You don’t walk in LA,’ so to get my outdoor pounding the pavement fix I now run outside almost daily -hence the farmer’s tan I hope to lose once my formerly sun-starved self learns (becomes responsible enough) to use sunscreen.

People are particularly vain here so I got my first real facial – and broke out. It was probably my last. I was talked into ‘stomach sculpting’ at a dermatology meets spa place on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica which, although they said after 5-6 sessions you can permanently lose inches, I decided afterwards the ‘slight pain’ (fat cells being moved through the burn of a laser) was not worth the gain for me. I can see how it can be a quick fix for some, but there was something a bit unnatural about it to me. Although, I am in LA where even a trip for a trim across the street at Luxelab came with the Shu Uemera Experience – a 20 minutes scalp massage in a private room where they fit you with a custom ipod to aid relaxation! Yes, I’m adapting to LA – where there’s a nail salon, or six, on every block, and you never have to travel far to trip over a celebrity.

Stay tuned for many future trials, tribulations, jubilations, realizations and of course, celebrity interactions, infractions, all the stuff that doesn’t fit to print or isn’t fit to print in my back pages of OK!, star run-ins – and all of my run-ons 😉 xo

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