Expect to see Don Cheadle suiting up as War Machine, Iron Man’s best friend and fellow hero in Iron Man 2, instead of Terrence Howard.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, Don will replace Terrence in the Marvel Studios film as Jim Rhodes, the wing man and best bud to Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark.


The move comes as a surprise, as one of the last scenes in last summer’s blockbuster hit featured Terence sizing up a silver superhero suit and saying, "Next time."

Marvel Studios hasn’t commented yet, but sources say they wanted to work with Don and that Terrence’s deal fell through due to financial wrangling.


Justin Theroux is writing the screenplay, and Jon Favreau will return as the director. Iron Man fans are in for a bit of a wait, however: the flick isn’t scheduled for release until May of 2010.

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